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Why is there a PC better than Mac?

Apple has gained a lot of popularity everywhere. Many people talk about switching from windows to mac; and I had many arguments, which is better. (Note: later I'll write an article on why the Mac is better than PCs just to be fair.)

7 Reasons Why a PC is Better Than a Mac:

1. Customizability

Computers are infinitely more customizable than Macs. It is very easy to create your own computer, selecting the parts that suit your needs. There are endless combinations and choices when it comes to making a PC. If you do not want one, there are people who make one according to your needs. Retailers such as Dell and HP offer a number of ways to customize your PC. Macs, however, are very limited. Often, they do not use the latest hardware for about a year, while PCs already have them. You do not see Macs that have Core i7 in them. Any extras that you want to add to it will cost you a fortune, for example, an additional 4 GB of RAM is tied up to approx. Will cost $ 800, but if you had a computer, a similar upgrade to 4GB of DDR3 would cost $ 200, but $ 150. This makes the PC much more expensive. There are so many choices there to get the parts you like. Apple offers only a few versions of their computers that offer little customization at too high a price. Not to mention the Apple logo fee.

2. Hardware and Software Compatibility

Many people claim that Macs have enough software to keep them. The fact is that if you have a PC you have more options. More choices are available for all software or hardware. Basically, all Mac compatible software is compatible with the PC (except Apple software). The PC has a lot more choice for games and games on the PC will work better if you have a newer PC since the latest Macs have dropped out of the hardware. Mac users should always check that the purchased hardware or software is compatible with Mac. Yes, you can run Windows on a Mac, but what's the point. If you use everything for Windows, you can only buy one PC. Not to mention all Office software for Mac is incredibly difficult to use and completely unmanageable. Some basic commands that are easy to find in Office version of Windows are incredibly difficult to find on Mac. Not to mention Mac users will not receive Office 2007's slippery new Ribbon interface.

3. Full Operating Systems

Apple forensic updates to operating systems (also known as service packs) to its customers. Microsoft provides these for free and only charges a completely new operating system. This will significantly increase the cost of the Mac if you plan to upgrade every time Apple releases a new version of OS X. The new features that give up the updates are negligible and none have revised the operating system. Is it really worth the price tag?

4. Windows Explorer is a much more powerful tool

Windows Explorer offers far more features than the search engine. Allows cutting and pasting to easily move files and resize windows from all corners or edges, not just one. Not to mention that it is much easier to quit a program in Windows than a Mac, simply by pressing the X button instead of Command + Q. Apple's maximizer button does not work properly.

5. Support

There are a number of PC users like Mac users. It's very easy for anyone to find someone who can help them. Many people know about computers, although Apple's community is limited and there are far fewer places to get help. Apple support also has a history of denying the existence of the problem, even if it is clear. Not to mention Dellek and HP's warranty much less than Apple's Apple Care.

6. OEM

Microsoft offers the OEM version of the operating system cheaper than the retail package. Apple does not sell OEMs. Vista Ultimate's retail price is $ 799, but at the same time the price of the OEM is about $ 280. This gives system builders much lower costs compared to Apple computers and, when referring to the first point, they are much more customizable.

7. Deletion of Delegates Actually Works

Apple has a very visual operating system, while Windows is much more intuitive and logical. For example, if you want to clear desktop hotkeys, you can just press the delete key. If you want to make a Mac, drag the icon to the trash. It's cool, but so irritating. The Mac menu is very annoying. When you minimize the program, the menu bar will remain there, which will become annoying when you try to find other things, such as Finder. Thus, using the Mac is a real pain.

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