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What is usually wrong with the computer?

If you are connected to the Internet, viruses usually cause a lot of errors in your computer's operation. But what else can the computer do wrong with the physical and mechanical side of things?

Let's take a look at some common mistakes you may encounter:

  • Hard disk failure or bad sectors prior to defective hard drive. The hard disk can not read or write data to the disk because the material from which it is made is physically disrupted and released. Files are corrupted, data loss and operating errors are obvious.
  • RAM Memory Failure. The computer may be overheated or the RAM chips may be of inferior quality. Generally, the computer does not start at all with this error.
  • Modem malfunction. Usually due to lightning strike or power supply / mains voltage. You can not dialup on the Internet.
  • Lightning strikes near your computer may absorb fuses in your computer's power supply. (Because I know it happened to my computer!)
  • The computer "freezes" (inoperable or freezes) due to incompatible hardware or hardware intermittent error. Freezes for corrupt or poorly written software, especially for drivers.
  • CMOS battery low. After 5 to 10 years of use, the small element may be flat on the motherboard. Your computer will continue to run, but you will receive an error message. Replace the battery, re-adjust it and everything will work fine.
  • Fuses can blow. The built-in power supply has 2 or 3 fuses and some on the screen / monitor. Do not try to replace them unless they are a qualified technician since the power supply may have up to 1000 volts and up to 27,000 volts on the screen and these voltages are still present on the power off and on. socket. Even if one day or two are detached, he still kills. So let the tech do it for you.
  • Your computer runs out of memory. When you load a new large program like MS Office, if your RAM memory is too small, your computer will try to compensate you by stunning the programs from memory to your hard drive and back. This requires huge computing and hard drive work and drastically slows down the computer.

On the software page:

  • Programs may over time become damaged and occasionally cause random errors and may shut down the computer.
  • New programs may be incompatible with your computer or operating system and may cause unusual or non-operation.
  • Changing user or user errors, such as changing critical settings, may make your computer unusable.
  • Viruses, Trojans, Worms, and Malware may compromise the correct functioning of the computer.
  • These things are a bit scary, but in reality, not all of them often happen. Some wise precautions such as retaining the reset system reset, backup data, replace CMOS battery every 5 years, using branded software and hardware, up-to-date the antivirus software, and using surge protection equipment. prevent most of these problems.

    If you can afford, try to get quality hardware. It spends a little more than remote Eastern PC types, but that's a big difference to the problem. Spare parts are easy to find, drivers can be downloaded and manuals are available.

    So do not worry. Enjoy the computer.

    Like mom says, "Watch and have fun!"

    Duncan Kelly

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