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What is the software testing value?

They often ask me what I'm doing for life. As a consultant and consultant in software testing, I need to explain the field of software testing and practice in some creative ways, such as:

I'm helping people find bugs in software before they get out. [19659002] I'm Testing the Software Test

I'm like a software malware.

I can show recent news such as the failure of the Obamacare site and say, "I'm trying to help companies avoid this problem."

The Definition of International Software Testing Qualification Council (ISTQB): "Everyday and dynamic workflows, designing, preparing and evaluating software products to determine whether they meet specific requirements to prove they are fit for purpose and detect errors. "

In fact, software testing is also a system test, as hardware is required for testing software

The interesting thing for me is the definition of the ISTQB to describe the process through a software project. As a buyer of the software, you can test the software you want to buy before you buy it.

For example, if you want to buy a personal finance application, you can download the trial version of different products and see which one best suits your needs. This means that it is "fit for purpose". Perhaps all of the applications tried are functionally correct, but some may be too complicated or too simple

Some people see software testing while trying to find errors (or errors).

However, I suggest that the greatest value The software testing is designed to provide information about software such as errors, performance, usability, security, and other areas.

Another way of testing software is to check software quality. Like manufacturers, where quality control searches for defects in products, software testers are searching for errors in a software product.

Unfortunately, too few companies and organizations see the value of software quality so they give wrong software to their customers. These errors result in time, money, and much frustration. Just think of the last time you've experienced a software problem. Perhaps the word processing program crashed while you wrote something and lost the last 15 minutes of writing. That's annoying.

In business, software bugs have killed people and huge amounts are lost. At Facebook IPO, the Nasdaq had to pay $ 80 million for repayment of fines and investors. This is caused by a software error (no error) resulting in an infinite loop state.

It is not possible to try all the facts, but it is my advice to test at least high-risk features, repeatable tests for the future. Learn more about designing and performing software testing on my website .

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