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What is the Argus Security Database?

The Argus security database is a key part of the Argus Safety 3.0.1 pharmacovigilance software system. In nutshell, pharmacovigilance is defined as monitoring the potentially harmful effects of herbal medicines and synthetic drugs as they are used.

The digital database helps companies to ensure compliance with the global regulation of pharmacovigilance and related activities. As a comprehensive pharmaceutical software system, it supports the business processes of pharmacovigilance, both pre-marketing and post-marketing.

The Argus database is ISO-9001 certified and is FDA-issued security standards. This management of the data center enables the pharmaceutical company or laboratory to provide physical data security as well as access to effective data recovery and recovery procedures when they require these services.

ACCOVION, a full-service contract research facility that provides pharmacovigilance for a core service, has configured the Argus database with customized and approved rules to speed up security reporting. This setting allows the generated security reports to be sent to regulatory investigators and central ethics committees.

The system covers a wide range of commonly used forms, including US FDA MedWatch 3500A pharmaceutical form, Vaers vaccine form, CIOMS-I format and many others in European countries

The standardized standard used by the Argus safety database system includes the coding of the current World Health Organization and MedDRA data dictionaries, as well as older versions of these dictionaries and many more to meet user needs.

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