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What is computer hardware – understanding computer programs

Now, please note that the definition of computer hardware comes from non-Geek! You will not have a lot and a lot of strange words that seem to come from an UFO. Let me entertain you with the difference between computer software and computer hardware as a non-geek understands. So, whatever is not a computer program, it gives you what you see or use on the screen, well, this hardware.

Let me get it more accurately. Most computers already have loaded programs that "drive" the system. These programs allow internet, email, Facebook, etc. Each computer user loads what programs they want on their computer, depending on their needs. These programs can be bought or downloaded from the internet. Again, these programs are system software.

It does not bother you, but if you go to a computer store and buy a program, then there will be a disc on which you will find information. This is information on your computer, such as a publishing program. Although there is a plate you hold in your hand, not the hardware.

Hardware is a piece of computer attached to a computer. Let's start with the "mouse". The mouse allows you to move the cursor on the screen. You can buy "mice" in almost any color or shape. There is one that is connected to the computer and there is a wireless that provides more freedom. There are optical "mice" whose light is below the ball. If you use a computer a lot, you should try the "mouse" that has a large red ball at its top for easy tracking.

Then the monitor is a piece of hardware. There are old-style monitors that resemble older televisions. Then there are newer models that are high resolution and flat-screen. I saw lime green monitors, light pink roses and delicious slices.

The actual computer is a hardware. This box can be sitting under the monitor, at the monitor or on the floor. Every model seems to be smaller and finer. Computers will no longer take up a whole room. Just a small box that can sit almost anywhere.

Well, of course, we can not forget the printer. Once he had to buy a separate printer, then a scanner and a copier. But no more! There are multifunction printers. They include a color or original black printer. Add the copier, scanner, and fax. All in one. We can print your laser printer now.

Be aware that many other hardware pieces can be connected to the system. The elements listed above are the basics that are usually associated with any new system. Enjoy the computer system from one gender to another.

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