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What are the components of the server?

Because most businesses use multiple servers in different roles, it's a good idea to see what's in it. You will see that the server components are very similar to the components of your personal computer. The main differences are server speed and storage capacity

Motherboard. The server's motherboard is similar to the PC's motherboard. Like the PC, the motherboard is what makes many other components. Think about being the server's body. Most other components and electronic circuits are connected to the system board. Memory, hard disk controller, input / output ports, and chipset are part of the server's motherboard. Motherboards can also offer components such as graphics adapter and network interface. Many modern computers come with the built-in circuits on the motherboard. When a motherboard fails, the system itself fails

CPU. The second major component is a processor or central processing unit (CPU). This component, in a strange way, processes data that passes through its components. Think of a processor like the server's brain. This component greatly affects the performance of the system, although other elements contribute to its success.

Memory. This component, which must always be more than one. In fact, Bill Gate was famous for saying that only 720kb RAM (memory) was needed. We're now in gigabytes. Make a lot of money in memory because there will be good money.

Hard. Store everything here. Again you will need your needs in the coming years. Hard disk memory is cheap.

Video card. This is probably the only component that is significantly different from the PC. Servers have little use to sophisticated graphics cards. Go Generally on this Item

Network Connections. Network adapters are often built into the motherboard. This component must still understand because the connections allow the other computer to connect. Otherwise, this is an expensive box with many components and tools.

Power Supply This is mentioned (while wiring or soldering is not) because it will use much more power than a PC. The number of hard drives placed in the box determines the size of the power supply.

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