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Using Shutter Dogs and Locks – Guide

The cast iron locking system is a great way to introduce a colonial architectural style into your home. The use of roller blinds on the windows is particularly important as these pieces are specifically designed to keep the shutters in an open position. The earliest form of locking was made of wood and leather (since iron was too expensive for a common homeowner) and is usually homemade. Unfortunately, it has become a necessity to create more durable hardware over time, as home shutters were vital to refugee security and weather protection. Iron for rolling dogs is a great example of colonial architecture.

Cast iron finishing dogs are refreshing their old or shaky locks in a wonderful and extremely durable way. A shutter dog can be very simple in design or very ornate, depending on the homeowner's personal preference. The closing dogs are mounted directly on the outside of the house (please note that all shutters can not be mounted on all surfaces and typically the type of fixing) and then turn to keep the shutters open.

Closing dogs are being made today – allowing the patterns to be inserted into the windows. An easy way to create a common theme in your home, but remember to follow a few simple steps when replacing an older lock. First, make sure that the shutter you want to buy is designed for wood, brick, stucco or skeleton. Secondly, replace the older hinges, latches and screws together with the fittings to assist the appearance for you. You will also find the hardware of the cast iron gate and gate to create a more common theme.

The cast iron closing dog is readily available online as well as many home decorative magazines. Look for cast iron construction for high durability and ask questions.

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