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Top 9 Questions on the screen

Q) What does the aspect ratio mean?
A) This is the width of the screen divided by its height. The 16: 9 aspect ratio is equal to 1.78: 1 and the 4: 3 aspect ratio is equal to 1.33: 1.

Q) What size screen should you choose?
A) Select the aspect ratio of the projector: For NTSC Video 4: 3, and for HTDV select 16: 9.

Q) What is the 1: 1 project screen?
A) This is a square project screen that is typically used with an overhead projector.

Q) What does 'profits' mean?
A) The term Gain is used to measure the reflective quality of the surface of the screen. Choose more profitable projector screens when the brightness of the projector's brightness is not enough for your room.

Q) What size screen should I buy?
A. Unfortunately, this question is not easy to answer – the size of the screen should be selected after taking into account the resolution and brightness of the projector, the room's ambient light, room dimensions, seating and layout, distance.

Q) Do I need a white or gray screen?
A) This depends on your specific circumstances, but if you have a reliable new projector and a dark home, the white screen is probably a better choice. In the case of ambient light directly on the screen, you can choose a gray screen.

Q) Rolling screens over time?
Projector screens that are not on ears are likely to evolve over time, but they are also much more favorable.

Q) What screen interface should I choose?
A) This depends on a variety of factors such as ambient light, projection method, seating configuration, projector brightness and projector position. Many screen manufacturers have online calculators to help you choose the best screen surface under the circumstances.

Q) How to clean the projector screens?
A) See the manufacturer's manual as this is highly dependent on the surface material. In most cases, it removes dry clothes from the dust, but if you need to make sure the stains are checked, check the manufacturer's recommended cleaning agent.

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