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Think about it

Think about this, first the HAM radio, then the bbs, and now the internet. Linux and various x systems are the next evolutionary step towards strengthening global 2-way communication. And the best part, practically free!

As the Fort business is screaming to find a solution to the current Linux crunch, the Linux community logs everything we've done in the past 10-13 years … software development, writing manual, persuading skilled hardware vendors … and, for example, with the computer work. But there is a problem. Creativity and creativity from all sources and global regions should not be patented … And big software companies can not get everyone involved! And if I'm not mistaken, you do not want to do all the great software. Or, sit down at a computer terminal all day long.

Fort Business Entity should open and open source code with open source. It affirms the fact that most of the latest and best software is developed by low or unpaid freelance geniuses. In summary: good money, sober!

Few people know the computer code. And I think very few want or want. So what is the big business problem? FEAR? I certainly do not know, but if you look at the internet and stock exchanges, you can see that they are slowly figuring out today. Good money, good cents!

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