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The secret algorithm used by online poker sites

It's no secret that online poker sites use a huge amount of security and encryption methods to protect software against poker, collusion, and fraud. However, a secret they can not defend, the deterministic algorithms that are used in their software and which determine the outcome of a hand. In addition, any person familiar with algorithms can easily and easily win online poker.

Why use algorithms?

Initially, no additional algorithms were required for online poker sites, since a simple use of a random number generator (RNG) is likely to result in fair mixing and seemingly accurate play. However, in 2001, after many programmers were able to detect the failures of RNG and the inability of RNG to create a sufficient number of random packets (making it easy to predict flop, tournament and river), online poker

a change has been made to refine sophisticated measures to produce seed of RNG and a wider range of random pack sequences, online poker sites have faced a new problem – collusion and deception of unscrupulous players. This problem has been addressed by a new set of algorithms that would lead to fair play by preventing collective procedures using sequential deterministic algorithms

What Causes Those Who Have Permanent Bad Phenomena

Implementing Sequential Algorithms, a New Problem, Removed True Statistics and the probability of the game. In other words, if you're holding pocket aces and floping with A 9 Q, then you can win substantially over 91%. If the board draws 10 J or flush cards, and your opponent will lose a flush or a straight one that is called a bad blow.

Simply put, the real chance of a hand winner is no longer part of the game because of the sequential algorithms used. These algorithms replace the real chances and determine the results based on their own mathematical decisions. That's why many people claim that online poker is ok.

What is the secret?

The secret understands how algorithms work and uses this knowledge to reduce their own constant bad rates. In other words, the program brings a deterministic decision on the winning hand, regardless of odds, odds, statistics, or any other true degree of play. Therefore, if you want to win online poker, you have to understand the algorithms and use your game.

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