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The best laptop screen magnifier – LCD magnifying software Vs Fresnel lens

If your vision is recently impaired, you are faced with blurred vision or difficulty focus, and is considering taking the laptop screen zoom tool to help you continue your work with your laptop, then you definitely have the choice of choosing the best laptop magnifying glass. The choice is basically based on two options using a magnifying software and using a Fresnel lens that works as a thin desktop desktop magnifier.

This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both low vision magnifiers and software and the optical Fresnel lens variant. Once you've finished reading, you have a much better idea of ​​the direction you want to go by the situation and our low vision magnifying preferences.

Option 1, magnifying software.

The software option is obviously the winner when it comes to diversity, functionality and flexibility. For example, with magnifying software, the mouse can click the magnifying force one click. You can select the bulk of the screen you want to zoom in. You can only intuitively magnify the text on the screen and select the current line to magnify the reading.

Additionally, with the magnifying glass reader, you can easily change the color of the background and the color of the text with just one touch of a button to prevent glare that is so common for patients with visual impairments. You can choose and choose the colors that will help you to see the most.

Last but not least, you can use the magnifying robot's robotic voice (again, easily selectable by multiple men and women), straightforwardly read the letters, words, or texts you selected, or simply the whole article. This is a welcome helper for people with severe visual impairment or blindness.

Option 2, fascinating Fresnel lens

Fresnel lens magnifying glass has many advantages over software readers. The lens is set once, and every time we look at the laptop screen, we keep zooming in. In addition, the optical lens actually increases the full screen viewing angle that the zoom software will never be able to meet. And because it's instant and always there, there is no new skill to learn to use a magnifying lens like the magnifying glass of a laptop screen.

So on the bottom line, when you evaluate the flexibility and not be afraid of the learning curve to use the software effectively, magnifying reading software is a clear winner. However, if you want a simple solution without a learning curve, it is probably better to replace the Fresnel lens and optical zoom.

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