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Storybird Review – Free online writing software for children

Writing is one of the indicative skills in modern society. Children who learn to write at early age have a greater chance of gaining more in both social and personal life. Are there free software to encourage children to write? Try for a try.

Storybird is a free internet writing software for kids that use an interesting approach to storytelling. The software presents beautiful images by artists. All you have to do is create a story by writing texts in the box next to the images. You can select images, drop them into the editing box, and begin writing the story that inspires the images you choose. Using Storybird is very simple. As you see the software, you know how to use it. has the following benefits.

You can first use Storybird as an online writing software, regardless of your computer's operating systems. With the help of Internet and browser, children can make stories on the site. Storybird does not even have to register. Registration is only required if you want to share the story with others.

Second, Storybird allows more people to work in the same story. The children begin their first page, email the story to friends from other states to track it. The opportunity is great. Family members scattered across regions can participate in the history of the story writing and have fun together.

Third, publish your book story in a soft and hard cover, ordering on the storybird's website. I think these books are great gifts for family members or friends. If such a book is the result of cooperation between family or friends, it will be even more gifted.

Fourth, Storybird is free. While publishing the book, creating, sharing and reading stories on the website is free.

Most of the software is related to the quality of the available images. These are not just commonly seen on the Internet. They are all artists and they look great. These beautiful pictures are a great resource for kids to describe their story.

One last thing. Though Storybad was primarily regarded as a software for children, it was not just for children. Teachers and parents can use it for educational purposes. Adults can use to make gifts for their loved ones. As the website says, Storybird is about creativity for families and friends.

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