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Sound Design Software – Selects some of the best industry standard software

Today the sound uses more and more media production. So there are software that would make it easier for us to work in different areas?

My first introduction to sound design, like most people, I think she ran on film, after all, who do not like good-sounding movies. This introduction began a long mood with the power of the voice and how it can be applied to different media.

Today's digital technologies offer a wide range of options in all kinds of productions. Sound design software enables us to successfully apply sound design to one or combination of production areas such as:



Live Theater



Interactive Game [SoalthoughIdidnotworkinallareasIwasluckyenoughtobeabletoworkandworkwithotherprofessionalsI'veeditedasmalllistofdesignsoftwareandtheareasthatcanbeused

Film / Video / Soundtrack / Multimedia

Logic Pro – Sound Design, Editing and Composing Platform. (Mac)

Protools – Industry standard capture and editing platform.


Choosing one of these software allows you to:

  • Mix and Make Songs
  • Design Unique Sfx [19659017]
  • Film and Video Results

Live Theater / Multimedia / Interactive

Qlab – Multimedia and Live Show Automation (Mac) Live Theater Sound Design Use

Desktop Audio Arrangement (Mac)

SCS – Show Cue System: Multimedia and Live Show Automation One of these software allows you to:

  • Cue Music and Effects Live Theater
  • Cue Audio Midi Can Start
  • Cue Video Projection

Sound Design – Soundtrack / Music / Noise

lchemy – Model manipulation software pl


  • Designing Stylized or Unique Sound Effects
  • Very Detailed Modeling Manipulations
  • Designer and API – Gaming Tone, Fmod is a Library and Toolbar for Composing and Playing Interactive Game Sound

    Use [

  • Creating Nonlinear Musical Composition Structures
  • Audion and Profile for Your Final Feature Film [19659017]
  • mixing in the gaming test phase

There are a number of software solutions, many, some are not very good. A list of sound design software will help you to create creative vision in any selected area

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