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Are you tired of the price of the greeting cards? May I ask you for the stomachs that you need to see the garbage they give to a greeting card? Are you ready to run to the shop at the last minute and find out that there are no Mother's Day cards except those that are in Greek? Well, you can start creating your own card. What you say? Are not you an artist? Can not create greeting cards? Well, you should think about it because the Print Artist creates a greeting card that is a kid that even a child can do.

A print artist is just one of Sierra's many hot titles, which is known for great games. But the Print Artist is not a game or a game. It's a serious software software to create greeting cards and you do not need a master's degree in modern or fine arts to use. Just a decent computer and a printer.

There are many programs that can create graphics and give you a lot of stock inventory for your projects. But we all know that the problem of creating greeting cards is that these things have to be combined in a certain way. This makes the photos and text layout a bit hard on manually. Of course, if you have an artist's eye and an intuition of the thing, you probably guess it and finally get the front cover, the cover, the inside of the text and the back cover, all of which are okay. But most people have to do many experiments and mistakes to do this.

A printed artist easily solves this problem.

When you open the software and upload a standard greeting template, 99% of your work is designed for you. What you will see is a real greeting card. You can switch between the four views by clicking the mouse. From here, it is easy to place text and graphics. And do not worry if the graphics are centered on each side. Print Artist has a centralizing feature that makes it very simple.

As far as graphics are concerned, the Print Artist gives tens of thousands of graphics and real photos. Everything about cartoon graphics was made of historic landmarks. All of these are easily found through a fantastic search feature that allows you to view graphics by category. For example. If you want photos or drawings that have something to do with politics, then there is a whole political category. You can hardly think of anything in this package. For this reason, Print Artist satisfies a small disk space. Therefore, you are ready to store these images on your computer. Of course you always have the choice to leave them on the CD.

If you want to create really nice greeting cards, banners, posters, certifications, and more, absolutely not the Printer Artist.

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