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A PAD file is a simple XML file that contains all the information a developer usually writes to a site in a software site. XML knowledge is not required to create a PAD file. It is available free of charge at .

The software is basically self-explanatory. Just fill out the forms. It takes about half an hour to create and upload a pad file to your site. It will take even less time to have a website to promote your product. You can then simply copy and paste the existing information. And if the pad file is done, sending to shareware sites is as easy as copying and pasting the title of the PAD file.

But why don't PAD technology be used more often? Of course, it may be ignorance. Now ignorance is not a bad word. This means that you haven't heard that this technology is able to increase your product downloads three times, a technology that means you can send 300 to 700 software sites from anywhere on the Internet within an hour.

Most websites that use pad files do not require membership yet. Mine is not. This means that you can send the software to a website to copy and paste the address of the pad file, click to submit, and then select the category. Then you go to the next page.

If this seems to be too much work, you can download software programs that do everything for you. Just think that you can complete software submissions for hundreds of websites at the time you have lunch.

People are really looking for software on software pages. This sounds like a stupid statement, but not when you realize that most general libraries, except perhaps DMOZ or Yahoo, are rarely used as search tools. These became mainly SEO tools. When search engines search for something general, they go to Google, Yahoo or MSN. But when they search for software, they usually go to a shareware page and stay for a while.

Maybe they don't develop shareware. The developed software must be purchased before use. There is no probation, because there is a risk of cracking. OK. I really understand this reason. I was a developer who cracked my software three times before giving up the whole shareware. But that doesn't mean you can't create a demo, a standalone program that works as a teaser. It will only be a matter of time before the software user chooses the full version. Just make sure the demo is exhausted, but not too much.

So, by sending PAD files to software pages, killing two birds with a stone. Yes, you get many links to your site, but these links have more value than improving pagerank. People actually use them to access your site. As a software developer, we have a tool that makes the process much easier and faster than other marketers. If you don't use it now that you know, laziness

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