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Software for your mini laptop

The first thing to decide if you want to download a new mini laptop with software is Windows or Linux on your operating system? If you choose Linux, your system will be much less stuck, but there is a little learning curve when you run a Linux desktop because not all software is compatible, and if something goes wrong there are not many Linux professionals like Windows gurus. . To make it a little tastier, there are companies like Asus who offer free Windows 7 updates.

Once you've selected the operating system, you can start playing with the new software. Check out the virtual CD. Many mini laptops do not have CD or DVD drives to reduce price and weight. A virtual CD is a CD / DVD emulator. Allows you to write CDs and DVDs as ISO images, which can then be viewed as virtual CDs or DVDs.

If you maximize your mini performance, look for the Laptop Utilities – Power Suite. This software allows you to optimize your wireless speed, create an encrypted partition on your hard drive that adds a layer of data protection to the data, provides a powerful file manager and provides accurate battery meters for the second. All this and just $ 17.50 on Amazon!

For players who are there, make sure you buy the mini laptop that you give more than your mini-mini needs, especially memory and hard disk. Mini will run most of the games nicely, but it is enough for both memory and disk space to do this and a really good video card when upgradeable.

Try Open Office for students and executives relying on Microsoft Office Suite. It's a bit in memory, but it's completely free and offers all the features that MS Office does and is compatible with MS Office documents.

Google Chrome is your mini-browser. This browser is extremely light and extremely sensitive. The pages work independently, so if a page locks a page, it doesn't remove the entire web browser, which I think is one of the best features. You can also really move around with a nice pull around the cards. You can also draw another page and create a new page with it. Dazzling!

Last but not least, find the VLC Media Player app. It's a great free app for playing audio and video content. It runs in Windows and Linux environments and is highly recommended.

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