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Samsung SCX 6220 – Perfect printing with this powerful hardware!

The Samsung SCX 6220 is a multifunction printer that offers a variety of options. This is a great tool for personal use and small business. Various features of the printer are copying, faxing, scanning and printing. You can also send emails to recipients. Know Samsung's electronics and office equipment and always have high quality.

To make copies, place the paper on the paper tray. This is below the machine as a pull-out drawer. Load paper in the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder or directly onto the Platen Glass.

The settings required for copying include contrast settings that make the document lighter or darker. Copies can be larger or smaller, and copied products can be collected. You can also make a copy of two pages.

The SCX 6220 offers a variety of printing options. Several pages can be printed on one page. The size of the image or print can be enlarged or customizable. The poster can be printed by printing out the entire poster of each poster. You can also print booklets and print on both sides of the paper.

The next feature is the ability to scan the printer. There are many methods for scanning the document. Twain can be used as a scanning software. This scanner comes with a software called SmarThru, or there is another software called WIA. Another software that can be used is the Network Scan Program. They are all good programs to meet scanning needs.

The unit's fax machine is remarkable because it simply performs the task. You can send and receive faxes with the SCX 6220. The documents to be faxed can be placed separately on the glass. Another way to paste documents is the Duplex Automatic Document Feeder. To receive faxes, the fax machine can be used as a standalone fax machine, or the phone can be connected to still received phone calls. This phone cables are connected to the phone jack and to the phone. To print a fax message, load paper in the paper tray.

Automatic dialing is possible on this machine. Your contact information & # 39; numbers can be entered into the machine. The manual can tell you how to enter these numbers. You can also use these numbers for speed dialing. Group dialing is also available on this model.

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