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Replacing existing paired holes

Not all hardware matches, and sometimes the hardware for home cabinets is weird. This means there is a problem when replacing existing weird holes with other hardware. How to install new hardware into cabinets if the hole is too big or too small for new hardware? There are a few things you can do to pull out your new cabinet and fit the wrist straps without having to get absolutely new wardrobes.

· Big Holes – If the holes are bigger than the new hardware screws, you can do two things. You can buy inserts to make smaller holes and allow them to insert new bolts, or fill them with gutters and drill new holes. Many people prefer to use the inserts because they are easier to use. It also keeps the cabinets holding too many holes. Drilling new holes fits better with new hardware so it can be positive for the method.

· Small holes – These are much easier to handle as long as they are in locations like new hardware. All you have to do in this position is to drill a little larger holes to accommodate larger screws. If they are not properly distributed, you should use holes with larger holes that do not need the gutters and then drill holes for other hardware.

· Broken Holes – Some hardware may have a strange hole location and size. In these extreme cases, you may have to start from scratch. This means that the holes are filled with sawdust, sanded and drilled new holes. If it does not fill the holes properly, it consists of cabinets with Swiss cheese. We have a much easier choice, such as adjustable handles and backs, which eliminate the need for strange holes.

Not all cabinet hardware creates the same. Therefore, it might be a little bit of work to get the new hardware out of the old weird holes. Use time and care to make sure cabinets with the new 19459003 new hardware look the best.

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