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Overview of AVS4YOU

If you're looking for an honest AVS4YOU assessment based on personal experiences and the real recommendations from the internet, you've come to the right place. In this article, I try to find the best way to enlighten you in the subtle and finer shades of software products of these products, and thus give you the most important benefits and disadvantages. After reading this review, I suggest you visit the AVS official website for more information.

What is AVS4YOU

A collection of AVS4YOU software tools (currently available for 18 devices) for which you can buy unlimited access rights or an annual access license and use all of these tools. There is a trial version download for all the tools on the official website. There is nothing better than before using the software for the first time.

The unlimited access license fee is $ 59 for full software access, no time limit

The one-year Access Subscription license is $ 39 and provides full access to all software tools for a year.

Who is behind AVS4YOU

The company behind is "Online Media Technologies Ltd" based in London, United Kingdom and specializing in digital video and multimedia software development. Therefore, the best software tools in the AVS4YOU package are those that deal with Video and Audio multimedia. The AVS product development company has been on the market since 2004 and has a very good reputation as one of the best and most trusted software companies in digital multimedia.

What is included in AVS4YOU

As we have mentioned, the web site contains 18 software tools that can be categorized into four categories:

Category of Video Software:

o AVS Video Converter (Most popular device)

o AVS Video Editor (Most Popular Device)

o AVS Video Remaker

o AVS DVD Authoring

o AVS Video Recorder

o AVS Media Player

Audio Software Category:

o AVS Ringtones Editor

o AVS Voice Recorder

o AVS Audio Editor

o AVS Audio Converter

Image Software Category

o AVS Image Converter

o AVS Photo Editor

o AVS Cover Editor

Other Software Category

o AVS Disc Creator

o AVS DVD Copy

o AVS firewall

o AVS Registry Cleaner

o AVS Antispam

The best tools in the above package are the first two categories (Video and Audio software tools). In fact, the company specializes in digital multimedia technologies, so video and audio devices are the best. Especially AVS Video Converter and AVS Video Editor are the most popular after reading many readers I've read.

If you are looking for a firewall, registration utility, antispam device, etc., you can find better products from other vendors at AVS4YOU. However, if you are purchasing the registration license, you may still have access to the Other category tools, so do not use these software tools as well.

Software tools ONLY on the Windows operating system (Win XP, Win 2003, Vista, and Windows 7).

Advantages and Disadvantages


• Being a tech-tech and video-audio fanatic, I can assure you that video / audio devices are the best in the market. I have not tried the other devices yet (but still), but video and audio devices have a great personal experience.

• Excellent price. Taking into account the price that you can download 18 high quality software gadgets, you do not have much to say about the money you get.

• 30 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

• Free rehearsals for all software. Just download, install and try them before you buy it.

• Free software updates for life.

• Any new software released by the AVS4YOU website is always free for those who have purchased a subscription license.

• Never seen technical support.

• The AVS4YOU website is packed with excellent user guides and video guides to help support supported tasks through software tools.


• The license is valid for only one computer. If you want to change your computer soon, do not buy it before you get a new computer.

• The software only works on Windows machines (no MAC or Linux support).

• The company can go bankrupt if it keeps the price so low (just kidding)

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