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Motherboard Purchase Guide

When you start building a personal computer, you probably have to be the motherboard . Almost all the necessary hardware is connected to a computer, such as a computer processor, memory, AGP or PCI-E video card. Each one must connect to the motherboard properly. As a result, the type of motherboard you choose affects the processor and video card that you can use.

You may not know exactly what brand to choose when you come to the motherboard, because there are many of them on the market. like gigbyte, esc and asus. Well, it would be wiser to look at the chipset than the motherboard brand, since virtually all motherboards use 3 different chip sets, regardless of who makes the motherboard. Basically, all motherboards are equipped with SiS, VIA or nVidia, while SiS focuses on the lower market. When you compare the motherboards, see what the motherboard chips are, because the northern bridge controls the communication speed and the processor, memory and video card. So, if you want a faster CPU and memory, make sure the motherboard supports or at least the motherboards support the front-side bus speed (FSB), which provides room for further development.

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