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Metric cabinet hardware

Are you tired of old cabinets? Instead of renting an interior designer why not travel to the hardware store and find the things you need to change? You can start with paints, brushes and rolls, pans, some thinner glass, sandpaper, hinges, and some cabinet hardware. Of course, you will need tools such as screwdrivers and maybe a drill to design new holes on the wall.

But before you go to the store, take some observations and plan ahead. Make sure you know what you want to do and what hardware you have. You can choose between a button that you use with a screw that can be attached to the cabinet handle or pull, for which two screws are required. You also want to consider hardware design and completion. You can choose from steel, brass, wood, nickel and many other refinements.

Make sure you take all the hardware you need. Do not you want to go back to the hardware store just because you've chosen a screw or a button? Another important aspect is the accurate measurement of the hardware required. You definitely want the purchased hardware to fit into the existing hole in the cabinet. Even though you are ready to drill a new hole, only accepting the hardware, knowing the diameter and depth of the existing hole, and using the used hardware as a reference, which saves you a lot of time and difficulty at the end.

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