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iSCSI Software

iSCSI software is the type of software used in the network storage where the iSCSI protocol is used. The iSCSI based storage network is a storage area network (SAN). ISCSI software allows devices to connect to the network, allocate storage, and access data stored on storage servers.

There are two devices that are in the network. The first is iSCSI initiators – devices that send SCSI commands and initiate a connection. The other is iSCSI Targetors – the tools that receive commands sent by the iSCSI initiator. Therefore, depending on the state of the device, special iSCSI software is required – for initiators, targets, or both, as one device sometimes can both play roles. Initiator of iSCSI software initiators. This is a special service that runs in the operating system. Windows Vista and Windows 2008 already have iSCSI software with initiators, you just have to choose. In Windows XP and Windows 2003, you can download the iSCSI initiator from Microsoft sites and install it. There are two possibilities for the goals:

Many modern, popular server operating systems are capable of delivering iSCSI software – either as an embedded application or as an add-on software. These are: BSD, Linux, Solaris, or Windows Server. Although Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 is not available separately, you can purchase hardware on which you are running as the original manufacturer. Such a server is offered by manufacturers such as DELL, HP, IBM, or Fujitsu Siemens. An alternative is a special purpose operating system that implements iSCSI target support. Examples of such systems are FreeNAS, Openfiler or FreeSiOS. An example of the targeted iSCSI software offered by third companies is StarWind, which can be installed on Windows XP and provides all the necessary functionality for smaller applications. An interesting solution to StarWind is the virtualization feature that emulates not only the entire drive, but emulates the drive with a file that can be dynamically expanded

Users' storage options are merged into a data center. The iSCSI-enabled storage system has many iSCSI targets for many clients. That's why iSCSI allows you to store your space-free data. Data protection and retrieval are also closely linked to this kind of networking, as iSCSI enables more efficient data management and disaster recovery software.

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