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How to Start Internet Marketing – Equipment and Software

You are attracted to the brochure, but now is the question of how to start Internet marketing? You want to start right away, there is no time to lose, but what are the basic things you need in place. What equipment and software do you need before you can sit seriously and start your business?


The first thing we really have to consider is the work area. You may have worked in the past for an unparalleled day, but using the kitchen or even in the dining room on a permanent basis is a few problems. So make sure you can identify an area where you can set it up. Ideally, it will be an office space where everything around the house can be removed. You must also have access to the telephone line and the broadband connection.

Desk, Chair and Computer

Once you find your work area, you will find your desk and chair somewhere. The desk should be large enough and the chair is comfortable, but it does find a lot of things at a budget price or a second if needed. If you asked most people about how to start Internet marketing, they would say they will get a computer. Obviously, this is indispensable, but still there are many to choose from without having to make a big budget. Find some RAM you can afford as this affects performance. Make sure you set your workstation comfortably, and you can spend your time here.

Other Equipment

You will need a phone. You will need a photocopier, a scanner and a printer, all of which come in a machine. The notebook is vital. You might want to get a bit bigger because you're learning a lot and want to take a lot of notes. Some form of external storage is also very important for storing records.


There are many software components you will need to start Internet marketing.

  • Anti Virus / Anti Malware Now comes the software that you have to launch Internet marketing. You will need Anti Virus software from the outside, both the Bullguard and AVG provide good value and you can get free software from Avira ( Anti Malware is a good idea (free download from
  • E-mail will be an email account, but it may be useful. Google Mail is a good option
  • Word Processing and Spreadsheet Microsoft Office is the obvious choice but OpenOffice ( is a good alternative if you have a tight budget.
  • Web Design Useful software that allows you to modify web pages may be useful, even if you do not have confidence in your design. NVU is free and fairly easy for newcomers.
  • Hosting Web sites will be hosted unless they completely work with opportunities like Squidoo and HubPages. Hostgator is a good option.
  • FTP FTP software has to publish your websites on the Internet. Filezilla is a popular and free option.
  • Automatic Responder Last but not least, if you are successful, you will soon need automatic responder software. This allows you to communicate professionally and automatically with people responding to your bids. Aweber is the leader in the field.

So he's there. You can now see how to start internet marketing. You can see that in many cases you can launch a free software, though later you may want to upgrade. I would like to offer some budget budgets before you begin to confidently. There are links to most products on .

Once you're happy, go away. Good luck.

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