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How to read the Zener diode code?

Many technicians embarrassed how to actually read a zener diode code. There are many code numbers on your body. The appearance and shape of a zener diode can sometimes be missed to be a normal diode. Distinguish that you look at the code number on your body – be it a normal diode or a zener diode. Thanks to the manufacturers, where the main panels are printed with the word Zener, which refers to the zener diode and "D" is the diode.

However, on some of the printed circuit boards, the "D" signal is also capable of a zener diode. This misleads a specialist that the zener diode is actually a diode. As a technician or engineer, you must know or be sensitive to the mark. The only way to find out whether a semiconductor data book identifies a code number printed on the component's body. Without data storage it is very difficult to know the actual zener diode voltage. If you do not have a book, you can go to the Google search engine and enter the following code and hope you find the answer there! Improper replacement of the zener diode may have caused the equipment to malfunction and sometimes blow the device. Time and money are lost because we do not know the proper zener diode voltage. If you can not identify the code, do not worry because this newsletter came here to successfully read the zener diode code.

12 = 12 Volt Zener Diode


Note: There is also a part number like BZVXXXXX where you can find the ECG SEMICONDUCTOR BOOK


6C2 = 6.2 Volt Zener Diode. (If you look at the zener diode, then 6C2 READING FROM TOP TO BOTTOM) Do not read from bottom to bottom, otherwise the value is 2C6, which can not be found in the data book!

Ask me how to get the 6C2 code. We're still referring to the ECG book, we need to look at the HZ part number. This means instead of searching 6C2 to find the HZ6C2 and get the answer! The lowest zener voltage I found was 2.4, and the highest was 200 volts 5 watts.

Conclusion – Be careful when checking the zener diode number. Do not always assume that a small signal diode is always a zener diode. Carefully observe the mark on the main board and read the zener diode part number in the semiconductor booklet, preferably in the ECG SEMICONDUCTOR DATA BOOK, which can be obtained from the local electronic dealer. With this knowledge you can successfully find the proper voltage of the zener diode.

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