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Hardware and software requirements for web pages

A bit ago my old laptop had to be replaced by more than 3 years old and the battery had a 10 minute charge time and the charger had to be replaced. A quick visit to eBay and less than $ 500 a new Toshiba laptop was delivered to Australia.

About the same time I visited a friend who spent an $ 1,500 Australian dollar on a laptop on a large electric retailer. My friend uses the laptop primarily to check emails and make plain text documents, I thought maybe a $ 1,500 laptop was extravagant to their needs.

As a website designer and article writer, I feel that my $ 500 laptop is quite easy to do my job.

Most bloggers who are working on my blog are starting their learning path, my blog contains information about content, domain names, web hosting, and SEO. I do not have to cover computer hardware and software, since we use everything to browse, write, and post.

As you can see, I do not think the bigger is the $ 500 laptop Vista than the operating system, the 2GB of RAM, the 160GB hard drive, and the CPU a Celeron 2.2GHz. The tasks that this laptop needs to do is, of course, Internet browsing, easy editing of images (editing, resizing and compressing on the web) and when I'm loose, my favorite game.

Now that you know what hardware I use for my Internet appearance, I will now run the basic software on my list;

  • web browsers – IE8, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. So we can check that the page looks OK on different platforms.
  • Gimp – For image editing.
  • Dreamweaver MX 2004 – Used mainly in word processing and I like the site manager.
  • Xampp – Xampp creates a server on my computer so I can create a complete workflow so you can try it before uploading it.
  • Fireftp – For Firefox extensions to transfer files.
  • And the last used software for Windows Notepad – I'm using it now as I write this article. My Blog and EzineArticles have a feature where I can copy and paste the text into the "new post" form.

The above is what I choose from hardware and software, some people like to use a desktop computer and want to use a graphical interface to create pages. I would like to know and assume that some of my bloggers are interested in what they are using.

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