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Hardware and Software – Basics

Using Internet Services is one of the most important reasons for personal computers and laptops. It is important to understand the basic functions and terminology of computers in order to operate the computer and especially to maintain and troubleshoot your computer. All the basic components of computer technology are hardware or software.

* Hardware *
Hardware is all physical components of the computer – the monitor, the keyboard, the mouse, the printer, and the tower (or laptop, base, keypad and display). After purchasing the base components, other pieces of hardware can be added, modified, or removed. Although hardware sees things, it contains hardware items that you do not see because they are plugged in or installed inside the computer tower. This is called internal hardware. External hardware is typically located at the back of the tower and has internal hardware. Several examples of hardware:

* CDs and DVDs – a physical plastic disc is hardware that stores software running on your computer.
* CD drives and burners – to play or record information on the CD.
* Modem dial-up, cable, and DSL require modem (dial-up modems are often internal, but can be sold as external devices
* Wireless router – this device can be connected to a broadband modem using a digital signal
* Wireless Card / AC Adapter – This component typically provides internal connectivity to broadband services, whether purchased or externally connected
* Ipods, Smartphones, Mobile Phones, Mobile Phones, Blacksmiths – These devices are also hardware, especially because they are often connected to the computer and can be used to connect to the Internet. Software *
Software is anything that it can not physically touch programs and applications that a all-in-one display features, allowing hardware to run and communicate with each other's tasks. Without software, the computer would only be a complicated metal and plastic pile.

There are basically two types of software: system software and application. The system software makes the computer work and controls the background processes – most of which you do not have to control or you may not know about it. Application software or applications are all used to perform tasks. Here are some examples:
* Microsoft Office Suite-Word, Excel, and Outlook are all similar programs like WordPerfect or OpenOffice.
* Web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, and MSN Explorer are just a few examples.
* Games, Calculators, Calendars, Wizards – Everything on All Lists of the Program!
* Music Players Like Windows Media Player and RealPlayer

The software offers almost any conceivable task or entertainment format in all sizes and styles. You can usually download them from the Internet, buy CDs on stores, and often come with your hardware and hardware purchases stored on the CD.

Knowledge of the difference between software and hardware and how to work is the first step to retaining the good state of the computer (eg Knowing how and when to update) and solving basic problems (to determine the cause of the problem) with hardware or software related?).

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