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Free Real Estate Investment Software?

One of the most popular ways for agents and investors to rent real estate analysis with real estate investment software. And, of course, carefully buy any software program at the best price (we'll do it all), but if we ever expect to be free to invest in software on the internet or elsewhere?

Like developing a development program, so you can increase your first-hand experience in creating a quality program. I have to answer that I do not want to react. Remember, "Is not like a free lunch"?

All right, let me explain why it is absolutely undoubtedly naive and it is unlikely that quality software will try to find quality software. Embedded

Software in the salt of beer requires unexplained hours. Whether the software was encrypted as a Microsoft Excel application or a standalone program, some developers spent quite a few hours writing the code, or otherwise paid their hands and feet to someone else to write the code.

In my case, I wrote the code of my real estate software with blood, sweat and tears in long, tedious hours. In fact, it was early (a few weeks after the release of ProAPOD in 2000) that my earnings were set at fifty cents per hour. Fortunately, this has changed (I would not be here to give up my software eleven years later), but you get the idea. Investment software does not (as they say) grow on trees and only a Mother Teresa existed; so expect to pay for something at a time when a developer has invested in creating the software. Marketing Costs

I'm the first one to applaud the marketing opportunities of the World Wide Web. Entrepreneurs at all levels have the opportunity to provide services and products to an audience that has never disappeared ten years ago. But that does not matter

First, there is the cost of creating a website. This requires the registration of the domain name, the fee for the hosting server and of course the actual design work.

Furthermore, there is the advertising cost. The most commonly used method on the web is PPC (eg Pay-per-Click). For those who do not know, companies that are browsing will have to pay every time they click their ad; regardless of whether or not you purchase the product.

Additionally, the fee for the processing company. I use PayPal and are fantastic, but every transaction gets a bite.

Cost of support

I have committed myself, and I never mind asking my clients questions. But it is time consuming; and unlike a lawyer who can start the meter from the moment of conversation, most software developers like myself (at least younger than Microsoft) do not count on customers for support calls

. not to regret business-related costs but to help you understand that there is no free real estate investment software because no quality quality software can be offered at no cost. In my case, I was trying to get ProAPOD as a buyer, "The most affordable software on the market." But unfortunately, despite my personal commitment to providing the real estate community with the best product at a low cost, it still should not be.

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