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ERP for the little guy

Most of the news or information heard on the Internet or on ERP for SAP, Oracle and other major systems. ERP information applies to small businesses or to less than $ 10 million. What do people do when Peachtree or Quickbooks is done? It is possible to get a full integrated system that manages entire operations and financing areas

Fortunately, there are some solutions that will not break the bank and that a small manufacturer or distributor will work from end to end. These software are surprisingly complete. In fact, there are often features and features that beat the mainstream large systems.

One such system is IntegrateIT. This system offers a well-rounded range of services that allows a small manufacturer to fully understand the company's data in the inventory, what to do today, what should I buy today, where is my cash position, and I am profitable? Surprisingly, this software has modules that are not included in many major ERP systems, such as Field Service. Amazing is the amount of power that these smaller systems have. This link is such an example that this system rescued the company with thousands of dollars.

Another solution is the DBA software. After considering the major rewriting of their basic solution, both have full functionality and are the very basis of technology. This solution provides a very easy to use system for a smaller company

What makes these systems perfectly for a smaller business? The fact that they do more with less screen. In a middle-level solution, you need 2-5 screens for processing a transaction, such as entering a voucher or creating a workflow. These smaller solutions are prone to 1-2 screens, with all the necessary information on your hands. The idea is that big companies have a delegation of work. At a smaller company, one person may wear a lot of hats and need efficiency in processing the transaction.

So, when you think of integrated software solutions, remember that the big one is not necessarily the answer. Amazing things often come in small packages.

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