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Door Locks 101 – What is the key slot?

The "key holder" is the interface between the lock and the key. It is best seen when he thinks about the cross section of a key "blade". If you look at a key that your eyes have, you will notice that the grooves and ridges that turn to the handle are not always the same as their size, shape, or number on the key. This is independent of the shape of the key teeth (the bumps and ridges similar to the mountains are viewed from the side).

The key slot prevents even the wrong key from being pushed to the wrong location. If you have the correct keystroke but the wrong key, you can simply slide the key into the lock but it will not turn on. See the difference? Defective key ring: square end, round hole. Right side key, wrong key: right hotel, bad room. (I know I've been here for a while, but trust me, hotels have used real keys for a long time.)

What is the price of this Chinese rice? Well, most of the buildings built or modified by entrepreneurs or one of the key apertures owned by the lock manufacturer can not replace the lock (cylinder) with the lock and leave the excess. This problem always occurs when trying to insert a new house into an existing key (s). If a house has a Schlage / Baldwin key holder, you can not buy a lock on a Kwikset / Yale key holder and expect the key to be re-inserted in the key of the original home. Or vice versa.

Just to be clear we use at least 1000 different keychains at this moment in history. And these are just mass-produced examples.

Of course there are examples of manufacturers of locks that are interchangeable tumblers. Any of its competitors, which is key, is interchangeable but fairly rare. For example, Kwikset once produced a composition suitable for Schlage, but stopped production after two years. This cross-contamination comes from the Kwikset "Titan" locks and handsets. Titan is the peak of Kwikset. Many locksmiths say that the Titan line is the same as the high quality residential lock / handset system. I doubt. I know that Titan's lock-in latches have innovative features that make it possible to re-design locks with unprecedented ease. Perhaps this is why the locksmith is a soft spot for Titan

Some third-party manufacturers are making hammers that turn from one key to another, but they are not very good and are not always available

. can you choose to use the Schlage / Baldwin keychain or the Kwikset keyring?

Answer: Always try to stick with the Schlage / Baldwin keychain, but if you need to match a Kwikset keyring, go with Yale products over Kwikset. To my knowledge, Yale has the most important keys in a row of locks. And their hardware is just fine as usual.

I have no interest in any lock manufacturer, special keyway or industrial group . I just know that my 20 + years work closely with the door locks. It's a terrible place when it's time to finish the construction project.

Maxim: When choosing a construction project, depending on the everyday use, the more it is worth touching a building part, the more time and money you have to spend.

Good door hardware feel good good. The heavy, accurate door handles / hardware tell the passenger that they are not only safe but 19459004 house .

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