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Diagnosing Computer Hardware Errors

When the computer fails and you lose all hope, the normal final stage is to reformat and restart the computer. This is most likely to solve software problems, remove viruses, or other tools, and provide a clean start. But what happens if it has been formatted and the problem still exists?

This means there is probably a hardware failure. Problems can start here.

Diagnosing a computer hardware failure can be a good pain because any computer component can cause it. Unless you plan to replace the entire machine, you have to carefully diagnose what the components are the mistake.

I advise you to scan your computer for these major areas for analysis.

Memory / RAM

Power Supply

Hard Disk


This is not a complete final list, obviously depending on the problem, the problem is that it does not sound sound card problem you might as well, if you do not get an impression, then the graphics can be the culprit. If this is a random mistake, any of the above may be the cause.

Memory – this is enough to be easy to diagnose. Search the Internet for a memory tester. Generally, they can be put on a CD (or Floppy if you've missed it in the past!), And started from the CD that goes into the memory test. This is going through, testing the memory for errors. It is wise to leave it for several hours or even overnight. It advises memory failure.

Power supply – this can be strange. People generally assume that if the power supply fails, you can not get any life from your computer at all. This is sometimes not true. I've got computers that turn off randomly on computers on which the power light is lit but not triggered, etc. And it turned out that the supply – I advise you to be the first thing to test. problematic area. Testing can be difficult without proper equipment. In fact, the only way is to have a volt tester and check the voltage and the current will come out.

Hard drive – this may be one of the worst problems, as if the hard drive fails, unless you were reasonably and regularly saved your most valuable data, you would lose it all. Hard drives will go any time and you will usually hear the noise coming from your computer hard. If this is the case, you probably replace the hard drive. Bring someone who knows what you're doing here to try and retrieve your old details.

If none of the above resolves the problem, you may be able to see a bug with the base disk or any other card or device. Remove everything to leave the basics. Remove all sound cards and other PCI devices that are not necessarily required. If you have more than one rod, just leave one and see if the problem is solved.

Really solving hardware issues in trial and error cases, so it takes time to test. Keep in mind that if your keyboard or mouse is broken, very strange things can happen to your computer, so if possible try removing and testing all the items.

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