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Cyber ​​Crimes and Solutions

We are currently living in a Cyber ​​Age where the internet and computers have a significant impact on our lifestyle, social life and business.

The application of information technology has raised great security challenges and ethical issues in front of us. Just as all the positive and negative factors, the use of information technology is advantageous and uncertain.

With the rise of the Internet, one of the biggest problems of network security. Cybercrime has been rapidly occurring in recent years and has significant implications. Computer criminals will do their utmost to steal money, hack into others' computers, confiscate intellectual property, spread viruses and worms for computers connected to the Internet, and fraud.

Stopping cybercrime is still a major concern today.

Computer criminals exploit the vulnerability of computer softwares and networks to their advantage.


Hacking or crack is a big cybercrime today. The hacker exploits weaknesses and loopholes in operating systems by destroying data and stealing important information from the victim's computer. Cracks are usually done using the backdoor program installed on the machine. Many crackers are also trying to access resources using password crack software. Hackers can check what they are doing on your computer and import files on your computer. The hacker can install many programs on your system without knowing it. Such programs can be used to steal personal information such as passwords and credit card information. You can also break important company information to gain secret information about your company's future plans.


Cyber-Theft computers and communication systems are stolen in electronic format. Hackers break into banking systems and transfer their bank accounts. This is the most important concern because a greater amount of money can be stolen and illegally transferable.

On the Internet, many newsletters are provided to investors with free advice on where to invest. Sometimes these recommendations are completely false and cause losses to investors. Credit card fraud is also very common.

Most companies and banks do not realize that they were victims of cyber-theft because they were afraid of losing customers and sharing their owners. Cyber-theft is the most widespread and most prevalent of all cybercrime. Cyber-theft is a popular cyber-crime because it quickly teaches the experienced cyber-criminal big cash, which is a very small effort. Furthermore, there is little chance that law enforcement agencies will capture a computer criminal.

Viruses and Worms:

Viruses and worms are a major threat to normal users and businesses. Viruses are computer programs that damage computers. We call it a virus because it spreads from one computer to another as a biological virus. You must attach a virus to another program or documents through which you enter the computer. The worm typically uses loop holes in soft commodities or operating systems. The Trojan Horse is checkered. It seems to do something but something else. The system can accept one thing. When executed, a virus, worm or logic bomb can be released. A logic bomb is an attack triggered by an event, such as a computer clock, to reach a certain time. Chernobyl and Melissa viruses are the latest examples.

Experts estimate that the Mydoom worm in January 2004 infected nearly a quarter of a million computers in a single day. In March 1999, the Melissa virus was so strong that it forced Microsoft and a number of other large companies to completely disable their email systems until the virus was removed.


An important question is how to prevent such offenses. A number of techniques and solutions have been introduced but the problems still persist and grow daily

Antivirus and antispyware software

Antivirus software consists of computer programs that try to identify, prevent, and eliminate computer viruses and other viruses malicious software. Spy detection tools allow you to set up backdoor, trojan and other spyware on your PC


A firewall protects your computer network against unauthorized access. Network firewalls can be hardware devices, software programs, or a combination of these. A network firewall usually protects an internal computer network against malicious access to the network.


Encryption is the encryption and decryption of information. Encryption is like sending a mail to another party that has an envelope code that is only known to the sender and recipient. Many cryptographic methods have been developed and some of them have not cracked yet.

Cyber-ethics and Laws:

Computer-based ethics and computer law are also being formulated to stop cybercrime. It is everyone's responsibility to follow computer ethics and computer law to reduce growing cybercrime. Security software, such as anti-virus and anti-spyware, must be installed on every computer to keep safe from cybercrime. ISPs should provide a high level of security on servers to ensure that their clients are safe from all sorts of viruses and intrusive programs.


Shaikh Mohsin Ayaz

Department of Computer Science Karacsi

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