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Computer Monitors – Acer X243HQ Review

Acer X243HQ is a wonderful monitor for those who enjoy computer games. It has a large 23.6-inch size and supports high-resolution images such as Blue-Ray disc formats and high-definition games, as well as an HDMI adapter that allows high-resolution gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360! The slim design is eye-catching, yet space-friendly.

This fantastic monitor is cheaper than most of its competitors, and I highly recommend this monitor to any person interested in PC gaming or digital home media.

I had the privilege of having such a beauty for about 5 months, and I had no problem with the monitor performance or Acer support, since I myself played, I played a lot of games while testing my graphics card and I can see on my monitor that where is his performance and certainly not disappointed when I put the graphics on the border, showing all the textures and lighting as if I were there. The quality movies and Blue Ray movies. The colors displayed are far from pixelized and sharp and sharp on the screen. The large 23.6-inch monitor supports 1920 x 1080 resolution while supporting a 75 Hz refresh rate, more than enough for an average home surveillance.

Comparing prices to major product competitors.

Acer X243HQ's main competitors, in my opinion, are Dell, Samsung, the 24 "monitors produced by Benq. The cheaper Benq offers a number of features that the X243HQ has, although it does not like the glossy border that shines when it comes to It doesn't look as "sexy" as the base of Acer. The Acer X243HQ computer monitors are also cheaper than the 23.6 "Samsung 2494HS, though they do not offer speakers in the monitor. If used for home theater or gaming, we all know that these monitors will not be enough. , this monitor is valued at $ 239 at MSY … an action in my eyes.

If you ever have money to buy such a monitor, I suggest you buy one as soon as possible! be for those who use the computer for gaming purposes and make sure it is an excellent computer monitor with fantastic support from Acer.

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