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Computer Lingo!

Computer language!

Or "techno-babble" as I call it. If you do not know IEEE 1394 on PCI Express x16s, you may have a problem planning or updating your computer hardware. Knowing the conversation is essential to get compatible parts and not blow your house with crashing parts (joking, blasting the whole neighborhood) (you just kidding, you just have to return the part and the bottom of your head shame because you did not read this article.

Here's a technical fun that's useful for building or updating a computer:

Mobo : Motherboard – computer components are connected.

: [AGP: Accelerated graphics port – High speed port on motherboard for attaching video card (not standard, PCI Express x16 today is standard) ATX : Peripheral Component Connector – A motherboard used to connect peripherals such as a sound card.

PCI Expres s x16: A more standard version of standard PCI, standard motherboard graphics card.

GPU : Graphics Processing Unit – Video Card

SLI : Scalable Link Interface – Technology that connects two or more video cards to create an output. What is better than a video card? Two video cards.

SATA : Serial ATA – Transferring data from hard disks to the motherboard and devices. This is today's standard; provides greater bandwidth (faster than PATA). Used for Hard Drives

PATA : Parallel ATA – Data transfer from hard drives to motherboard and devices. This is the most common, but not so beneficial. Connect to all drives; Harddisk and CD / DVD Drives

CPU : Central Processing Unit – Shifts numbers 1 and 0 and changes the $ 1000 box to a computer

Advanced Micro Devices – The manufacturer of the cheap, efficient processor CPU

Socket 939 / AM2 : Associated with the AMD branded processors, this is the physical arrangement of the needles attached to the motherboard.

: Associated with Intel branded processors, this is the physical layout.

– to the pins connected to the system board.

GigaHertz (ghz): Computer clock speed.

RAM : Random Access Memory – This computer uses this to store the data used by open applications

DDR2 400 : Example of RAM slot type. DDR2: dual data rate of two and 400 memory speed. It is important to check the motherboard and the RAM to make sure they are fit.

Gigabytes (gb): Unit for measuring storage size. I suggest you have at least 1 GB of RAM.

Megabytes (mb): Unit for measuring storage size.

USB : For connecting Universal Serial Bus peripherals, eg: mouse / keyboard or MP3 player.

IEEE 1394 : Firewire port. It is very similar to data transfer as USB but much faster than USB2.0, but it is not standard.

PSU : Power Supply – I recommend the system at least 500Watt. 19659003] Techno-babble is really in other languages, but it's important to pay attention to the three-letter abbreviations that can spend time and money. Good luck and happy building J

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