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Choose the computer that best suits your needs

Computer gaming technology is a rapidly growing area. For both hardware and software, companies are constantly chasing the envelope and increasing performance. As the intraciclicity of each game intensifies, it is important to select a computer game system that best suits your needs. Unfortunately, there are no market research PCs. How do you choose the best gaming system? You answer a lot of questions about your gaming and financial needs, and you can determine which direction to turn to the right gaming system.

What kind of games do you play?

Certain types of games you want to play back help determine which hardware configurations are best suited to your needs. Each game is not equal, and depending on the genre's developers, more energy is spent on different aspects of the title. Strategic and simulation games are, for example, less graphically intense than other types of games and can therefore run on a less effective gaming system. As a reference to the Civilization IV specification, a silly and detailed strategy game is the following:

-1.8 GHz Intel or AMD Processor

-512 MB RAM

-128 MB Video Card

Compared to today's market For new gaming cameras, the demands for running Civilization IV are not so high. As a lot of strategy and simulation games, the emphasis is on graphics rather than AI and game calculations, and raw hardware performance is less important to effectively address the address.

By contrast, first person shooters (FPSs) and action titles rely more heavily on graphics and physics to create a mood and ambience. As such, system requirements for these types of games are generally much higher than other genres. Half-Life 2 and Quake 4 are titles such as Half-Life 2 and Quake 4, which bombard the player with graphically intense scenes, and the physics of the game are strictly calculated to create the most realistic scenarios. In contrast to the above-mentioned specifications, FEAR's preferred system configuration, one of the most advanced FPS titles for graphics performance, is the following:

-3.0 Pentium 4 or equivalent processor

-1GB RAM [19659004] -56 MB video card

Although FEAR and Civilization IV were released roughly at the same time last year, the system requirements recommended for the former are nearly twice as large as those of the latter. This is often the case with FPS titles; As developers largely plan to see these games as a "showcase" piece of a particular technology or graphics engine, a stronger gaming machine is usually run in full graphic glory. Graphic representation requires enough resources, but if they reflect the requirements for accurate real-time physical calculations, they are further weakened. As you can see, the types of computer games played always affect the hardware you want to buy.

Must the best graphics be?

The genre is by no means decisive factor in determining which gaming machine to buy. Numerous titles, including the Half-Life 2 and Doom 3 demos that allow the player to retrieve graphic effects to run smoothly on a less efficient system. While FPS and other games often require a system behemoth to start with any enabled graphics effect, they can usually be run exceptionally on older platforms. If you can live without such tax effects like particle shading and frame rate in hundreds, you probably spend less on a gaming machine and are still able to play the latest games.

In many cases, game developers and players discover how to make the game more smoothly and stably within a short time. Usually, our expectations are that many games are not "ready" when entering the market; ie the code behind it may be slightly optimized further. Therefore, developers and publishers usually provide patches or updates to resolve certain technical issues. For FEAR, many players reported shortly after the release that the frame rate is often not playable in the middle of the game and even in the strong gaming system. After the game has been repaired, this has been largely restored. Likewise, enthusiastic players or members of the gaming community often find ways to improve the performance of the game by themselves by hacking or tweaking. When that happens, the results will usually be released within a short period of time, and a game likely to have taxed your gaming machine beyond its ability could suddenly play. Again, absolutely not the absolute best hardware to play the latest games.

How much are your spending plans?

Of course, this technology is available at all costs. As the ad goes, you have to pay to play. Everyone seeks to use one last game machine one day; the specifications are amazing and there is no shortage of companies offering monsters. However, the cost of ownership of machines is often prohibitive. Keep in mind that the latest and most powerful video cards usually reach the market at $ 500. Also, the most powerful processors cost $ 1000 or more. If you plan a system that is built around top-level components – a system that can deliver, chew and knock out the latest games – you can count on your cost to grow. It is not known that the dedicated $ 1600 or more dedicated game cameras paid for the tower are.

Obviously, the first two questions have a rather minor impact on the third. If you do not play a lot of graphics intensive games or if you are willing to live in a bit of a downplaying game, you simply do not need to spend this type of money on a gaming system. There are so many computer companies that have the ability to play the most games on the market perfectly – at significantly reduced prices, in their midrange settings. Do not be doubtful if you can not afford the latest and strongest computer technology; while economic tools may be the most influential decision-making factors, this does not necessarily prohibit the desired games.

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