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Check out the embroidery plans in Windows!

If someone wants to collect and catalog the embroidery plans, then there is probably a file on your computer that holds them. In many cases, however, you have to spend between $ 200 and $ 200 on a program that allows you to view and organize your files.

You do not have to do this anymore. Now is the SEW ICONZ program that allows you to view, organize and print embroidery plans. This program is easy to install and easy to use so you can finally view plans with a simple process hack that you can do on your computer without having to spend more on a special program.

Usually, the files used for embroidery models will not have what you can easily view. Often there is a special program. These special programs have so far been very expensive. It's hard to use and take up a lot of space on your computer.

SEW ICONZ is a simple software that allows you to open and view embroidery files. You can view image files such as jpg, gif, png, bmp, dxf, and plt files. Compatible with Windows Explorer. The program automatically recognizes embroidery files and icons that provide information when they hold the cursor over them. The information displayed includes the number of stitches, the colors, and the size of the pattern.

The program is not difficult to install or use. Performs a simple download and follows the on-screen instructions for installation. Then, after the installation, sets the icons for all the embroidery files to be inserted. To do this, double-click the SEWZ ICONZ icon and select the type of files that you want to read with the program. A dialog box opens to allow configuration to complete.

The program has nice features that allow you to change the background color of your fabric. This is great if you have a white pattern that is not visible on the default white background. You can also learn how to make changes or make simple changes to the program. In fact, it gets much from the program as a simple viewer that only allows you to view files.

With SEW ICONZ, you can easily view your embroidery plan easily. You do not need any other expensive program. This program works independently without the need for extension programs or other programs to help it work. There is no need to operate the program anymore. Just install it and then use it to see the embroidery plans.

Viewing embroidery patterns can not be a problem. Do not be disappointed. You should not be involved with a lot of money. You have the right to easily view files directly on your computer. You now have the chance to use SEW ICONZ

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