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Build Your Own Wooden House – Advantages & Disadvantages, Fasteners & Hardware

Wooden houses are fun and engaging activities that you can do with your friends or family and provide a unique and ideal place to hang out in Mother Nature. In my opinion, one of the biggest differences between wooden houses and other earthy additions that you can build on your property is the fact that a house is buried between trees – to varying degrees depending on height and size. tree and branches – and thus give you a unique and calming feeling.

There are many prerequisites that must be respected before the project becomes viable for you. The first are the most obvious:

  1. Do you have a decent tree on your property that you can build your wooden house? This question may be ambiguous to some of you? Well, that depends largely on the size of the structure in question, on the expected loads, the number of people, the furniture, etc. The larger the tree structure, the larger the trees.
  2. How are you altitude? It's not a good time for you to go out to yourself or else if I'm afraid of the heights! I'm all afraid of the heights, but if we do not have the courage or the ability to work comfortably at the required height, this project is not for you. You consider it to be relatively low for the ground, and it can still be called "wood" – in this case, this is not necessarily valid.

Now, we can get into other aspects of the building. Compared to the Earth's structure, the chalet may seem to be a simpler project, as some have grown up, "blasted" the small, emerging wooden houses back and forth. However, it is important to note that any half-decent structure, whether on the ground or on a tree, requires careful design and implementation of a standard security code.

Here are some other questions . design phase:

  1. What will I use for the cottage? Depending on your answer, you can also make roofs and walls or become unnecessary. In both cases it is recommended to have a railing and / or wall of at least one meter high in safety.
  2. How long do I want to keep it? You may think that the answer to the question is obvious, but that the life of the chalet depends to a large extent on the materials you use and the quality and number of layers of protective patches. The wooden houses are defined by their definition under and below the canopy of trees in which they are built. Because of this, they tend to be more prone to early rot due to the persistent shade and humidity of their environment. Covered leaves and branches that are scattered on board also serve as decomposition accelerators unless they are broken regularly. A Basic Tree and a Shape

A tree of unique beauty houses is the fact that you can simply build up the various branches (19459003) that are exposed in the chalet subject to the "natural" mood. Like a ground structure, you have to start building the base and the floor. The shape of the floor may also be complicated, as the limits of the appropriate branches are limited.

For this reason, it is possible to be non-rectangular. This may be what you want, or it may be a problem for you. In any case, you must understand that there are certain limitations that the tree you are working with. All branches used by the foundation should be able to deliver hundreds of pounds a day and more if you expect more traffic.

Wood Wood Density and Fixing Quality

Large Wooden Houses that Plan Over The Collective Weights of Passengers Carefully Designed Since a number of factors such as wood hardness and fixing quality and design become more and more passes. The wood is squeezed where the fasteners attach to the wood to varying degrees depending on the hardness of the wood in question, which causes the wood to sink.

Professional wooden frame fasteners – are they necessary?

] There are currently available various wooden chassis fasteners available on the market that are specifically designed to meet individual needs. However, the question arises as to how necessary these standardized screws and brackets are to the normal ones found in home centers for goods. They pay for several million dollars a day.

The first thing to keep in mind when considering these advantages and disadvantages of the rather expensive hardware items is that trees are living organisms and they are still growing, moving and changing. Therefore, the tree structure and the hardware on which it is mounted must keep up with this movement. Simply screwing the beams into the tree branches results in a fixed fixation that attempts to pull the wood through the drilling or the beam or attempts to grow around the beam.

The first of these results in a sudden and dangerous failure and the second results in unhealthy and unnatural growth around the beam, potentially causing disease and decompensation. Individual screws and locks are permitted at some degree in the growth of the tree, and some of the screws are deeply embedded in the heart of the tree and have a large shaft that allows axial movement and the female part fixed to the beam.

In order to answer whether these expensive individual parts are needed, the short answer is yes and no. Yes, if we do not have the know-how to find parts that serve the same purpose as the professional parts, and if not, they do not require the chassis for fifty years. Household centers sell large diameter and length screws and hardware that can be used, but the whole stem can not be pulled.

The tree must be embedded or threaded, but the rest must be smooth to compensate for the growth of the wood. It also needs a female piece that fits into its smooth nose with a bracket that can be screwed into its beam. This female console is then free to slide along the axis of the smooth blade as the tree grows. Each part should also be made of stainless steel – others may be defective

It is clear that large wood construction companies disagree with the above opinion and the ideal purchase of such parts. I only recommend an alternative to those who do not have a big budget, but they still want to build a safe and environmentally friendly wooden building. There is also a chance that you can not find hardware that meets the criteria so you have no choice.

The professional criterion for recording your tree to the tree seems to be "perch, not a pin" I totally agree with this principle and the alternatives I can not contradict but not everyone who you would like to build a tree house, willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars, so budgeting is the primary factor in determining the quality of and what build

In any case, it must be a safe and fun place to be able to imagine any activity. Taking into account the damage caused by wood and future complications that may arise as mentioned above, in planning, it is simply a responsible and attentive action.

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