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Best Free Mac Software

Some of the free Mac software has surprised the world of Mac, with their enthusiasm and functionality for many fans. These software proved their credentials and used their names.

Initially, Quick Silver is the only key launcher software that creates a catalog of tasks and searches that you perform regularly. It also assigns shortcuts to frequently executed tasks and frequently opened applications, files, and folders. You can also compare Quick Silver and Spotlight with the Finder and find out the features of both applications. Some also claim that Quick Silver works faster than Spotlight, and since it is an open source program, anyone can download it for free. Contacting friends is much easier with Adium, which connects to various IM providers, such as MSN, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Jabber. Adium's single user interface allows you to access tabbed chats in one window, hip chat and name-to-face conversation. Recently, Adium developers have introduced a video chat plug-in that allows Adium to include video chat, iChat.

Azureus is the most popular P2P client among Mac users because the Java Script-based interface provides them with maximum versatility. The Azureus documentation contains detailed information on maximizing connection speeds, and customized settings allow users to change network settings. Due to the active user community and the rich Wiki, the increasingly reliable Azureus beats Bit Torrent and its companions at a fair price if it believes that legal P2Ps are traded.

Video in different formats and can't find the right software to play them? Then don't worry, because VLC Media Player is the solution to every format problem. This is a multi-platform media player that is famous for its versatility among Mac nerds.

For those who do not like to use Microsoft Word on a Mac, Neo Office is the perfect solution because it includes native OS X features, such as the Spell Checker Dictionary, to further develop open source Open Office software. Neo Office can run all Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point files.

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