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Basics of Computers – Software and Hardware

The computer is a general purpose machine that can perform complex calculations at extremely high speeds. Nowadays, there seems to be a computer in almost every device.

Computer is a combination of hardware and software. It has several components, including a monitor, a CPU chassis, a mouse, and a keyboard.

Computer Components

Computer Monitor
Monitor is a device that your computer uses to display text and images. A few years ago almost every computer monitor used cathode ray tube. But nowadays, flat panel systems are becoming more popular.

Keyboard is an input device used to enter data into a computer. There are several different keyboard models.

Mouse is another input tool that you click on & # 39; In the days of the DOS operating system, a mouse-free computer could be operated. But the appearance of the Graphical User Interface has given the mouse a very important input device.

CPU Chassis
The CPU chassis or CPU case contains hard drives and other hardware such as hard drives, motherboards, and so on.

The hardware components of a computer are those parts that you can see, and touch. The smallest piece of computer hardware is a chip. The computer chip consists of layers of wires and semiconductors. Semiconductors in the chip are configured to have 0 or 1 when the electricity passes. Computer hardware components include motherboards, basic input system (BIOS), central processing unit (CPU), memory (RAM), disk drives, sound processor, video processor, floppy disks, hard disks, CD-ROM and adapter cards.

Computer Software
Software is an instruction set that informs you about processing, storing, and retrieving data on your computer. The software is basically two types: operating systems and applications.

Operating Systems
The operating system is a kind of software that is used to run the computer. This provides a space for commands to be added to the computer system. There are many operating systems available. Examples: Windows, Linux, Unix, and DOS. Microsoft's built-in Windows operating system is today the most popular operating system. MacIntosh computers are used by Apple Computers for MacOS and OS X operating systems.

The application is a software suite that is first installed on your computer and is then run by your computer's processor. Applications allow users to interact with a computer to create or process data or perform a particular task. Examples of applications are word processors, word processors, spreadsheets, web browsers, and email clients.

Text editor is an application that allows users to create text files. Text editor is an advanced word processor. Tables allow users to create columns and tables for numbers and numbers. You can use a table to calculate the numbers. An e-mail client is an application that can connect to an e-mail server to receive or send e-mail. Most of today's available e-mail clients are sophisticated applications that contain features such as spellings. A Web browser is an application that allows access to information that is available on the Internet. Examples: Mozilla Fire Fox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

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