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Bare bone software is required after reinstalling Windows

If you have a moderate computer user with the Windows operating system, you will have problems with a corrupt file or registry. Such problems are sometimes difficult to solve without reinstalling the operating system. A recent installation before the active partition is formatted will resolve registry errors and will probably free you from annoyance.

But the disadvantage of reinstallation. Any program installed after installing the last operating system will be lost. If you are using Windows XP, you will also lose files from your desktop and My Documents folders. Even if you organize documents in a safer place, you may not be able to access the old files without having to open / edit those programs. That's why it is important to keep your daily software running during Windows reinstallation

How do you decide?

It's important to decide on any software you need. Consider a regular work pattern. You will definitely need a word processing software, a spreadsheet application, and if you work with business presentations you will need a presentation software. If you need to download and read PDF files, you will need a PDF reader application. File compression utilities will also be required to manage compressed files. If you want to view and edit images on your pictures, you will need image editing software. The same applies to video / audio editing requirements. Although Internet Explorer is installed by any version of Windows by default, you may need another web browser. Protecting files and folders from unwanted attacks against virus / Trojans / malware is of paramount importance. Therefore, you will need a good security software package

Finding Alternatives

You may have lost the original installation CD / DVD or the installation discs may be damaged. In both cases, you will need alternative software to meet the same needs of your everyday work. There are many software on the Internet in every category that do not pay a penny. The best alternative is open source applications. They are similar to commercial applications and have almost similar features. The most interesting is that these open source applications can be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

A logical software list you will need

You can include any number of software in terms of computer usage patterns. for the following free downloads:

– OpenOffice suit (for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations)

– Avira AntiVir free edition (anti-virus)

– Adobe Acrobat Reader (for PDF files)

– Gimp (for image processing)

– WinZip (for managing compressed files / folders)

– Jahshaka (for video editing)

– Audacity (for audio editing)

– Mozilla Firefox (for Internet browsing)

If the above softwares are practical, they will sail smoothly until you obtain the desired commercial software after reinstalling Windows.

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