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Automatic digitization in embroidery software – What can you do?

Are you embroiderer who want to create your own designs? Did the embroidery machine come with a digitizing software that is too confusing for too many screens and vague terminology? Why do you have to learn everything to create just a simple design? Well, no! Now you have the full chance to make your own embroidery models without the work of traditional digitization

Auto Digitizing Software to the Rescue!

If you asked me about the embroidery programs that you could create a seamless design from the clip art for years ago, I would say that you could not produce a decent result. Now, I'm thinking of these words because these programs have gone a long way.

Why Auto Digitize?

An obvious attraction to such programs is instant embroidery plans without any element being manually created, compensation, density, stitch length, and underlay. A good program with a pure artwork, with just a few clicks, is able to slip the seamless design. However, in many cases the result is quite uninteresting. This is where a program that allows you to modify stitch types and directions can truly release your inner creativity.

How It Works

Like any other digitization program, it starts with artwork – and the better graphics, the better results. It's true whether you're doing digitization or doing a program for you. The difference is that a program works by identifying colors and using stitches based on the size of the area. You do not know your plan is a bird, flying or super man. Large areas are filled, smaller ones are satin and very thin lines are going to dress.

Automatic functions are created in many forms by automatically automating the art embroidery process with a few mouse clicks of semi-automatic features such as True Type font conversion and Magic Wand digitization of selected areas. Basic programs simply cut out a plan, while complete programs offer features for editing stitch attributes and object forms (node ‚Äč‚Äčmanipulation), as well as full manual digitization features. Special features include photo upload and crossfire.

Do you live for Hype?

While it is unlikely to be an award-winning, efficiency-optimized, digitization is great for one-off design. With the right works of art and a few minutes of editing you can make completely viable plans. The more you get from the anatomy of the embroidery plan, the more effective it will be to create embroidery patterns in a fraction of the duration of traditional digitization. You can further speed up the process by pre-setting the stitch properties before digitizing.

Very interesting effects can be created with photo download, which is practically impossible with manual techniques. Repeating the traditional crossbreed is incredibly tedious with traditional digitization, but it works with a special function

What you are looking for

Today's embroidery digitization programs offer a variety of automatic features. Do not limit ourselves to what you have received or sold at the dealer. First, do a little research. Things to Consider:

What features are in the program?

  • Realistic font conversion is becoming more and more common
  • Magic Wand tool provides semi-automatic digitization of "manually selected areas"
  • In some programs for full automatic image stitches
  • Editing ability is mandatory for stitch types and directions
  • The node editing of converted fonts and images will guide quality check
  • Photo stitch is a great feature and comes in a variety of ways
  • Cross stitch conversion is hand-sewn stitch-like embroidery
  • Full manual digitization lets you customize your embroidery design, and ensures that your software investment is not too high
  • Direct Scanning Capability Programming and Graphic Conservation without digitization without additional software without additional initial costs and learning time save him
  • Can save the popular machines of these formats

Who supports it?

Are there online forums, user groups or webinars? These are excellent resources as traders generally do not know the software that goes beyond basics. Many programs have a strong Yahoo group and often find the answer you need faster and more thoroughly than a merchant. Independent teachers are more likely to tell the features and mistakes – and their work – than the software sales company. While you can often find quick videos on YouTube, find full-time training that can include both free and purchased products. Find digitalizers using the software and find out if the program is in the original format.

Getting Started

While these programs can quickly and easily create plans, plan for efforts to get acquainted with the program. A complete program is easy and easy to use when you know the way and gives you the full novelty to quickly and easily create a plan for performance and functionality to suit your advanced digitizer. The disadvantage is that you probably will not find these programs or support at your local sewing machine shop.

Before you resign from any software that came with your machine, check out what's available. The days passed when your only option was a program. Today's embroidery programs are free of the most popular formats and include many fun and easy-to-use features. Learning to use a traditional digitizing program can be invincible. Use a good auto-digitizer program to quickly create plans.

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