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You must download 10 free software programs right now

Everyone loves to try out new software. It's something I loved for years. Sometimes this is a new software utility that helps you manage your computer. Other times, you can have a new browser, IM client or computer game. Thousands of different programs can be downloaded and there are many hidden gems on it. So are you looking for new download programs? Check out the top ten list of programs that you have to download now.

first Startup Inspector

Startup Inspector is a very useful program. Its main purpose is to handle the elements running at startup. One of the fastest ways to slow down your computer is, 50 different programs run when you turn on the computer. Startup Inspector can help you troubleshoot and select which items you want to run when you turn on the computer.

2nd ManyCam

ManyCam is a really fun software. ManyCam lets you entertain your webcam and use all the different effects. For example, do you look like wearing a hat? Would you like to wear strange sunglasses? Do you want to destroy the view? All this and more here with ManyCam. Definitely entertaining way to break ice with someone you first talk to your webcam.

3rd Snood

Snood! This game has been in existence for years, but I have never been tired. It is very similar to Bust-A-Move arcade games, which were around years ago. The object is to shoot the objects with objects of the same color. If they are grouped, they will be removed. Your goal is to eliminate all objects before they run out of the room. Fun game!

4th TeamViewer

Ugh, if only this software would be around for years! This is one of the most useful software applications I have ever used. TeamViewer allows remote access to desktop computers over the Internet. This is the perfect help for your mother or friend computer problems. With TeamViewer, you can literally view the screen of others and move the mouse. This is a perfect way to fix someone's computer and you do not have to try to figure out every step. Do not worry, but it's very secure and password-protected so you do not have to worry about people having access to your computer without their consent.

5th WorldWide Telescope

If you have any interest in astronomy, then the WorldWide Telescope is absolutely necessary. The WorldWide Telescope is the universe that Google Earth points to Earth. With the WorldWide Telescope, you can explore the sky and detail the thousands of stars you see in the sky. The WorldWide Telescope includes Hubble photographs so you can see how close these stars are to each other. It's very instructive and very entertaining. After nights, I looked at the stars when I got home and loaded the WorldWide Telescope right away to find out the names of the stars I was looking at. Is technology not good? 🙂

6. Trillian

For any person using multiple IM messengers, I'll ask them, "Why not use Trillian?" Trillian contains everything in a message that supports AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and so on. It does not just load all of them at one time, but running Trillian takes less memory than AIM! Imagine how much RAM can be saved if you are running Trillian, not using every single messenger. Do yourself and your computer a favor and install Trillian. Do not worry, he still has all the major features of the messengers.

7th Opera

All computer technicians always talk about FireFox from Internet Explorer. Which browser will be in ten years time? Which better security features do you have? My answer is? Do not forget Opera! Opera is a wonderful browser that I think has more features than Internet Explorer or Firefox. Seriously, try Opera. You can only choose FireFox.

8th Audacity

What is Audacity? In short, Audacity allows you to edit audio files. It may seem simple or boring, but Audacity is far more fun and fun. Audacity offers all features such as slowing down and accelerating music, adjusting pitch, adding effects, and so on. In a way, it looks like a record label. After spending some time with Audacity, you can easily learn to make your favorite melodies remix. Try!

ninth Spybot Search & Destroy

This program was included with each computer when it first purchased it. Spybot is the best way to protect yourself from spyware. Spybot has many great security features and scanner is of the highest quality. The Spybot team also frequently releases updates so you can enjoy the latest spyware threats.

10th Elastomania

Let me begin by saying elastomania is a very addictive game. Do you like stunning graphics? You can not find them here. What you find, though, is a motorcycle game that is incredibly addictive. There are many obstacles at each level and the goal is to finish the level without death. The graphics are good 15 years, but that does not matter because it is so addictive. Seriously, check this game!

I hope you can try out new software with this list. Discovering new software applications may be explosive and hopefully entertaining by trying out new software. Have fun!

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