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Wireless Medical Mouse – Washable and Wi-Fi

Computers are an increasingly important part of modern health care. All departments in a hospital or medical center store computers to store data and increase service efficiency.

However, computer equipment may be a hidden threat. Viruses, bacteria and other pathogens are commonly found on computer keyboards and mice. In fact, more of these germs exist on the average computer keyboard than in a toilet seat, so computer keyboards and mice transmitted infection.

Hospitalized infections are a serious problem. These are great, such as MRSA and C. difficile, often resistant to antibiotics and are responsible for thousands of deaths each year in hospitals.

Treatment of these infections is now a priority element of health services and initiates serious hygiene checks in many hospitals, such as the use of antibodies for the staff and visitors, as well as thorough wash-down of patients.

The medical keyboard and washable mouse are part of this complete infection control. Silicone keyboards can be cleaned regularly and provided with a bacteria-resistant surface.

A computer mouse is an object that is often handled. Computer mice used by many people can transmit infections to dozens and even hundreds of people. A washable or medical mouse is made of silicone and is easy to clean.

However, a computer mouse must be practical and there is often no place in modern healthcare; or it may be dangerous to hang too much wire. Wireless mouse provides freedom to control and input computer systems without connecting to the same location.

Now available is a wireless and washable computer mouse that works with Wi-Fi. This accurate and smooth mouse is washable and contains nano-silver antibacterial ingredients.

It has a washable wireless mouse with miniature USB connector powered by silicon and battery, and features all the features of a standard mouse, including left and right buttons and scroll buttons (controlled by buttons).

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