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Wii Hardware Review

Nintendo Wii is Nintendo's latest game mode. Somehow it is one of the highest ranking consoles in the game today. This is because it has futuristic specifications (can connect to the internet) and the convenience of the wireless controller. It also has Wii Connect 24 features that can receive messages from the Internet. In the middle of November 2006, E3 06 has already won the Game Critics Award for Best of Show and Best Hardware. This is also the smallest console, which is only 157 mm high.

Hardware has the following features that players can use:

o The Nintendo Wii can connect to the web using the WiFi and USB Ethernet adapters.

o Has the following slots: 4 control slots (1 SD memory slot, 2 USB ports and 1 sensor barport), 4 Game Cube control ports, 2 Game Cube memory card slots and WiFi 802.11.b / g wireless built-in ports.

o The front cover has a hatch opening and reads 12 cm and 8 cm optical discs used by older Nintendo consoles.

o Consoles in Japan have a DVD feature. In 2007, the console will use Sonic Solutions Cine Player CE DVD Navigator software to use DVD video features.

o The wii remote control features infrared sensors and accelerometers that allow 3D positioning, meaning players can manually gesture (not relaxing) and control the game. The remote uses the bluetooth connection to connect to the console. It also allows connection to other devices, analogue joysticks and trigger keys.

o Wii is run by a 90-nanometer SOI CMOS processor. Its memory is 1T-SRAM. Includes 512 MB built-in flash memory that can be expanded with SD

CNT editors and experts with 8/10 rating, Wii's futuristic controller, motion sensitive gaming, and WiFi feature options make it on top. One more thing, affordable compared to other gaming systems. On the other hand, low-quality graphics, lack of surround sound, inability to play cd and dvd, and battery life may cause serious damage to popularity.

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