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Why do I need software testing?

For any software development company, you will be pressurized in time to release the product over time to reach the deadline. Further pressure on project partners such as "Marketing" will not delay the release date, as considerable effort and money can be spent on the expected release date.

Often, the time scheduled for testing the software (such as Quality Quality Determination) will be reduced to not affect the release date. From a pure business point of view, this can be considered a positive step as the product reaches the intended customers in time. However, careful consideration should be given to the fact that the general impact of customers is a "mistake" in the product being released. The bug may be deeply buried in a very vague functional area of ​​the software product, and since the effect only results in an error within a seldom used report, the effect is very low. In this case, the impact on the business of the software company is likely to be negligible. But what if the bug caused the program to crash and data loss? Could this software product work within an air traffic control system? As you can imagine, the impact of these types of errors can be incredibly high and can lead to loss of life and the destruction of the entire responsible company. So basically, the level of error risk (probability) and the effect of the error (effect) is critical to the amount of software testing before the release of the products.

Because of the complexity, it is impossible to ensure that the software is free from the state of the art software. .. it really is!

Imagine a simple application form designed to accept one of the ten specific values ​​in order to test this in its entirety, to create a test case for each permutation of user-entered entries, for example:

10 (input) to 10 (value) performance

10 to power 10

Result = 10,000,000,000 test cases

So if you were a tester for testing and took only one second to every test case can take about 317 years. Therefore, test design should take into account what is actually "feasible".

Software testing (which can also be termed a quality assurance term) can serve a number of different objectives (quality assurance, validation, performance, etc.). This is a key decision in designing QA / software testing as it does not provide enough testing or testing in defective areas, resulting in inevitable failures. The goal must first determine "why" and not just "we" will test.

Software testing and / or quality assurance is still a form of art, especially the complexity of modern software. Over the years, software savings certificates, such as ISEB and ISTQB, have been developed. This is a good news for the software industry as a whole, as the more experienced software networkers can then increase the quality of the software being tested.

Software testing may not be error-free, but CAN may increase software quality

If we strive for perfection, we can only achieve excellence

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