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What type of computer hardware will you need for the future Virtual Reality Living Room?

Virtual reality technologies are advancing as fast as most modern science like alternative energy, BioTech, Nanotech, Super Computers, or artificial intelligence. Not too far into the future to sit in his living room and eat dinner and eat red wine at Jesus' last supper. You may be able to escape the space shuttle and watch the Roman gladiators at a 2200-year-old stadium or sit down with the president of your choice for coffee. Everything in virtual reality and it will be so real that you will forget where you are. So what kind of technically advanced hardware should this be accomplished, what kind of computer hardware will it have in the living room? Well, there are some holographic projection units, a large number of large, flat-screen, very thin screen, which doubles as a background image. It has a special scent machine that provides scent to the scene; I hope you do not plan cows in the living room of virtual reality, peeyooo!

Today's surround sound components are similar to modern day sound synthesizers. The first generation of this highly advanced technology includes helmets and far-reaching reality technologies. But later versions do not require cumbersome helmet display units. Of course, to be truly authentic, it may be refreshed in foreign languages, which can be transposed into a foreign city that can be studied in your own home.

After all, you'll be cool to wear a piece of clothing that can stain the scene. In fact, your character will be in your own virtual reality movie. Whatever you can, wherever you go, you can live in your life without home. Quite cool?

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