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What to do if downloads are too long

Slow downloads are not only annoying but they can also spend a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, it is a very easy way to solve this problem, which even a beginner can do. Here are the steps to resolve slow downloads on your computer:

1. Step – Check Internet Speed ​​ – Internet speed is essential if you want to download quickly. Nowadays, a typical broadband connection is considered to be fast when it is at a speed of 1 m / s. This basically means that the connection can download files at 100kb / s (download speed is 1/10 of the total connection speed). To test the speed at which your computer arrives, you need to enter Google's "Broadband Speed ​​Measurement" and then click the first link. Start the test on the website, and if it is lower than you expect, contact your ISP.

2nd If the connection is OK, the problem is "server speed" from the download server If you download any program from the Internet, your computer is basically connected to another computer (called "server"), and downloading a set of files.If the other PC's internet connection is poor, downloads will be very slow, this is a problem that can not be fixed but you can try to avoid using another download server Google needs to provide the file name you want , and must show some different servers (known as the "mirror"

Step 3 – Clearing the Registry – One of the biggest reasons behind slow downloads is actually due to Windows – it can not be read quickly or smoothly. a problem that even the most advanced Windows systems can not avoid, and a where your computer really saves your most important settings badly, violates and damages them. This is why you can not read them – this means that when a computer wants to download a file and read a set of settings, it will take a much longer time.

The most important downloads can be solved by cleaning the "registry". All registry settings in the registry will be retained and Windows will search for a series of download options when downloading each file. These options show Windows how to download files as quickly as possible and are essential to make them fit. To clean the registry, you can use the "Registry Cleaner" application, a software application that scans and fixes all the settings on your computer.

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