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What is TMS? (Shipping Management System)

Traffic Management System (TMS) – What is it?

The delivery management system is software that helps businesses implement the logistics supply chain, especially in coordinating and optimizing the movement of products and materials. The general features and advantages of TMS include:

Designing Load Consignment and Routing of Shipment – This feature helps in areas such as the most cost-effective way of ordering (lorry, ltl, air freight, intermodal, etc.) , or the optimal way to convert multiple orders together into larger shipments. Transport ratio agreements and contracts are often found in this area

Guidebook – In terms of cost management, vendor compliance is crucial in incoming routing guidelines.

Implementation management and supplier communications – This includes means for assisting vendor selection, including calculation of shipping costs (including line-ups, fuel supplements and ancillary charges),

Visibility / Cargo Tracking – Providing Shipping Status Updates and Alerts , this tool allows proactive program management and possible delivery problems.

Forwarding Bill Audit & Payment – Automate freight and payment processes, save time and improve accuracy or end the third party. It is estimated that regular freight billing checks can save 4-5% per year on shipping costs

Other features:

Business Intelligence / Reporting

Handling Requirements

Return Management

Call Schedule

TMS systems can be deployed on the client system or on demand SaaS [Software as a Service]

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