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VoIP – Voice over IP

A family of Voice over IP or VoIP technologies that allow sound applications and telephony services to implement an Internet Protocol (IP) network, such as the Internet.

These technologies include protocols, hardware and software standards, and computer programs. VoIP is used in dial-up applications, from analog phones to next-generation IP telephones and wireless headsets, desktop voice chat services, web-based chat services (such as Yahoo! Chat) and the well-known Skype desktop voice call feature .

VoIP has become an important technology that is widely integrated in folk culture. On a daily basis, you need to drive new business motors from business-class VoIP calling services to simple desktop messaging devices such as Apple iChat. Other large companies such as eBay, Microsoft, Google and AT & T offer applications and services that also use VoIP.

These large companies have realized that popular culture is moving massively to VoIP services, even if the telecommunications industry comes from destructive young VoIP startups on their ears like Vonage, Packet8, and VoIP services offer less costly telephony applications than old phone companies. This is because VoIP is free of the ever-expanding old technology investments that old telephony companies have to make in order for the "old" global telephone network to work. VoIP is also free of infinite government regulations and tariffs for old phone companies.

In a nutshell the social view of the voice network has changed. VoIP is a promoter of change, and tomorrow's global voice network is the Internet.

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