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VoIP Phone Hardware – What Hardware Need to Set Up a VoIP Phone?

Most VoIP companies sell all the necessary hardware and launch the VoIP service on a home computer. In case you purchased separate components for setting up a home VoIP service, you need to install and have a minimum amount of VoIP hardware.


Depending on the service being used, there may be small differences, but most hardware will be more similar to others.

* Router and / or Phone Adapter – This component is an essential part of VoIP's hardware that allows you to exchange information between high-speed Internet and your phone. There are at least three slots on the back of the unit, one for LAN (PC) connection, one for WAN (DSL or cable modem), and at least one analog phone connected.

It will also be a power cord. Depending on the phone adapter, the number of slots on the back of the device may vary, but there may be one place for the Ethernet cable and one for the telephone or fax line. Some VoIp routers operate as a network router that allows up to four computers to share high-speed broadband Internet connections.

* Cables – You must connect an Ethernet cable to your router or phone adapter to your computer or high-speed internet gateway and you will need a telephone line to connect your phone to the router / phone adapter.

* Plug and play – Much of the new handsets require a minimum set-up for the user, but are easy to configure and configure plug and play devices. The tools provide simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step installation and configuration instructions.

* Analogue Phone – A good quality analogue phone is essential for high quality sound. The phone can be either standard or wireless and can be easily plugged into the phone connector on the back of the VoIP router or phone adapter.

* PC handsets – These devices are similar to phones but connect to your computer via USB or sound card. They usually work with a softphone. If you are using an IP phone, they can be connected so that many users can use the same phone.

* PC Headsets – This headset can listen very well to listen to your computer while talking through a microphone.

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