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Update hardware to speed up your computer

The amount of RAM is an important factor in running the computer.

Note that your computer has 2 GB of RAM. This seems sufficient but if you are running multiple applications, especially graphics programs that can quickly gain RAM.

In the case of a significant case, let's look at a popular graphic program, Photoshop.

Few people realize that Photoshop is one of the most important RAMs. To run Photoshop CS4, the minimum requirement is 512 RAM, 1 GB recommended. If, besides Photoshop, there are many programs running and then working on a large file (say 40 MB more layers), then the system can slow down fast browsing.


This type of file should be three times the file size in RAM so that Photoshop works properly. In this case, the file is 120-200 MB of RAM alone, not to mention the needs of Photoshop, the operating system, and other RAM.

Fortunately, updating RAM is relatively cheap, so we recommend buying as much as you can afford. You will find that most of the daily computers are approx. It is limited to 4GB of which you can use 3-3.5 GB. If you are a computer graphics specialist, you can use a 64-bit operating system. They support more RAM.

Another thing to understand is that many manufacturers install RAM at a slower rate than the one that is optimized for the PC (ie installed at 667Mhz 800MHz). Upgrading your hardware can make a difference in performance.

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